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Welcome to my new blog! 🙂

Just a warning, I’m not a great writer…but I’ll try my best.  My objective is to give you my true story on my newly primal lifestyle and our amazing adventure to cooking and truly enjoying life with food and exercise.  This is just an outlet to share my recipes (or links to great recipes with my alterations to make them primal or fit my lifestyle better) and new workout ideas to keep fitness fun!

I was recently an active runner that was overtraining and constantly eating carbs to refuel after a workout.  I realized that I had reached a plateau that had lasted around 2 years and needed to make a change.  After trying various fad diets that didn’t stand the test of time I realized I needed to make a lifestyle change.  After all, I was eating “healthy” according to the government and working out 5-6 days a week and still not making progress.  How does that happen?

Well, the solution…my amazing husband! 🙂  He found www.MarksDailyApple.com, and the rest is history!  We began to transition to the primal lifestyle in May 2010 and saw fabulous results!!  Plus, it was easy, delicious, and just to be honest…makes sense!  While I can honestly say I haven’t been completely primal for the past 10 months since I’ve been introduced to the lifestyle, I can say that after reading The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson (which I just finished today) I have developed more willpower and the desire to live primally simply to enjoy everyday life more, not to just “lose weight.”  Although, I will say, if you know me at all, my ultimate goal is to lose my last 5-10 pounds of fat and “get ripped” before swimsuit season.  But my main goal is to get healthy for my future family and to give them a solid foundation in life that will set them up to succeed (in ultimate gene expression).  Unlike using the “flex belt” that I am now watching an infomercial for…similar to the Shake Weight…hilarious, and I don’t know how people can take these things seriously.  This kind of topic may seriously warrant an entire entry …

Welcome to my world.  I promise to deliver fantastically fun workouts along with our amazing recipes that my husband and I work together to concoct on a weekly basis, at a minimum.  I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!!