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In my Lenton effort to “better myself” I decided that I needed to break out of my “Bree Bubble” which includes blissful ignorance from the world’s issues and start watching the news.  While visiting a friend’s house two weekends ago I was introduced to Fox News and decided to turn that on in the morning while getting ready instead of listening to Mike & Mike.  I will say that I did watch Mike & Mike while working out and there are only so many times you can listen to them talk about the teams going into the Final Four this Saturday, so it was a welcomed break.  Although I will say since the Buckeyes are out…GO BUTLER! 🙂

While listening to what is going on in the world, I was kind of surprised but kind of not to hear the results of a UK poll taken by Lancaster University regarding when women feel as though they are old as compared to men.  This honestly shouldn’t surprise me at all, but there was a vast difference between the two genders.  Women said they felt old at the age of 29 (scary – because that’s getting close for me) because of the expectations society puts on them to get married and start a family while men said they felt old at the age of 58 because that is the time that they begin to seriously think of retirement (hear that Skippo?  Do you think you’re old??  Don’t worry…I don’t!).  I think it’s crazy that society has clearly different pressures that are put on men as compared to women.  OR, men just have a better perspective on what is old.  🙂 

The fact that women (at least the select few that were surveyed) feel that they are “old” if they haven’t gotten married and had children by the age of 29 is kind of ridiculous.  I mean, if you’re not ready, you’re not ready and if you are, great!  At least that’s my thought process.  However, going back to the “olden days” I guess 29 is considered old when starting a family.  But with dual income families and women wanting to advance their careers, I think this is a natural progression to starting families at a later age.  I don’t think that should make women feel “old” if they choose to wait to start a family until their 30’s.  What does everyone else think?  Am I the only one that thinks it’s weird that women feel old almost 30 years before men do?  Maybe watching the news will get me thinking more, but what if it ends up just making me mad about things I will never be able to change?

Anyway, on to clearly more interesting topics…the workout regimen.  I woke up this morning feeling pretty motivated to get a good workout in, so I decided to do the second version of the Spartacus workout from Men’s Health.  Yes, my friend Jamie thinks I’m absolutely insane for doing the Men’s Health workouts over the Women’s Health workouts!  However, he does mention that I have quite the “beefy” arms as a result. 🙂  I will say, I don’t think they’re beefy (maybe I’m biased), but they are finally starting to get toned … I would like to challenge someone to an arm wrestling contest…who’s in!?!  Kidding – I would completely lose!

Anyway, here is the link to the Spartacus workout v2:  http://my.menshealth.com/workout/The-Spartacus-Workout-2.0/workout-a

I will say, at least for me, this is a pretty intense workout, especially if you challenge yourself with the “right” weight for you.  It’s also great because you don’t need much equipment AT ALL!  Here is what is required:

Riley is there for a) moral support (which may or may not include annoying “kisses” while doing the plank-to-push-up move) and b) just because she’s cute and I had to find a way to get her into the blog!  The weird looking device by the dumbbells (12-pounds) is a tabata (or interval) timer.  Since the Spartacus workout has timed intervals it keeps track of them for me.  I program the timer to go for 40 seconds (the workout portion), 20 second (the rest portion) for 10 intervals – that’s one circuit.  Then I just restart it for 3 more circuits, which is way easier than trying to watch the clock while performing these exercises.  For all of those iPhone users out there, there is also a free app you can download instead of purchasing the timer called “Gym Boss.”  Including my rests between circuits (between 1 and 2 minutes depending on how I’m feeling), this workout takes about 45 minutes.  That is by far the longest of my strength workouts.  Also, just to be honest, I could not complete this workout the first time I tried it.  I could only muster the strength to do 3 of the 4 circuits the first time because I felt like I was going to throw up! 🙂  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give this workout a try (or a variation of this workout) and let me know what you think!

Onto meals for the day – THE FUN PART! 🙂  I skipped breakfast because I had a big dinner last night (which was great, thanks Mean Jeanne and Skippo) and usually I am not hungry after a workout.  However, I’m pretty pumped for my lunch and snack that I have planned for the day.  I’m using the leftover lemon chicken with tomatoes and capers from my dinner on Saturday to top off a kale and romaine salad with black olives, cucumbers, red pepper, carrots, and sesame seeds.  Then, for my afternoon snack, I cut up two crazy, huge strawberries and added them to coconut milk and cinnamon.  I will say that I’ve never had this before, but Adam tried it once and it looked so good I thought I would give it a shot since I had fresh strawberries on hand.

One final thought before I let you all go – Adam, I have a confession to make.  Since you’re gone this week I took the liberty of using your coffee mug this morning because a) it’s cooler than mine and b) just because I could.  Mwahaha!!  I even took a picture to prove it.  🙂

Thanks to everyone that has read the blog, and for the feedback!  Hopefully we can continue to share recipes and workouts! 🙂