I was recently asked to create a birthday list since the exciting day is only a little over 5 weeks away, and as crazy as it may sound the top item on my list are the Vibram FiveFingers.  If anyone has never seen/heard of these shoes, they are a minimalistic shoe that are designed to simulate being barefoot and supposed to actually strengthen and stretch your feet in natural ways.  The catch, is that they are very “unique” looking, as you can see.

As such, Adam wanted me to try them on first to make sure that I like them before the big purchase since they are kind of expensive (not too bad when you look at purchasing a “good” pair of running shoes though).  I looked on the website and found that an “authorized retailer” is Stout’s Footwear in Carmel.  As such, I stopped by after work today and low and behold they are so popular that they are completely sold out of the line that I am most interested in (the Komodo Sports). 😦  I also called two other “authorized retailers” within 10 miles and they don’t currently carry the line of my choice.  Talk about a bummer.  I absolutely did not realize how hard these shoes would be to find.  Honestly, since they are kind of ridiculous looking, I thought they would be easy to find. 🙂  Silly Bree.

The best part about this whole 10-minute quest that I’ve been on is that I find it somewhat humorous that I want to purchase a minimalistic shoe that is “healthy for my feet” when yesterday I was at an Indiana Pacers game and saw AT LEAST two girls/women (embarressing for them) with the Sketchers Shape-Up shoes on.  If you want a shoe that looks ridiculous, I think they take the cake. 🙂  I apologize to anyone that either has these shoes, or wants them like I want the Vibrams.  I’m sure we’ve all seen the Shape-Ups before, but here’s a peak:

I’m not going to go into an entire rant, because I would like to think that we all feel the same way, although that’s a horrible assumption to make.  Or is it? 🙂 However, I will say that the following claims (directly from their website) http://www.skechers.com/info/fitness-train are quite comical:

 “The proper use of Shape-ups may help your body appear taller and improve your posture, may help burn calories and improve cardiovascular health, may help activate underused muscles, resulting in a stronger back, firmer legs and tighter abdomen, and may provide a more natural walking surface, which helps reduce joint and back pressure.”

First of all, how could 2-3 inches of support POSSIBLY “provide a more natural walking surface??”  I’m pretty sure a field of grass is the most natural walking surface you’re goingn to find…maybe if we cut the grass in them and they get a few snibbles I could see it being more natural…

Secondly, has anyone ever thought that the physical act of WALKING may be the cause of all of these claims, especially burning calories and resulting in a stronger back and firmer leg muscles????  The individuals that (in my opinion) would want to purchase these shoes would want a “quick fix” and not have to do much in order to “get ripped” (like my goal).  I could be completely wrong, but remember it’s my blog, so it’s only my opinion that’s being presented. 🙂  As such, I think that the actual act of purchasing these ridiculous shoes would cause them to want to walk more (because if you don’t use them, you won’t get results, right??), thus causing the Company’s “claim” to improvements.  But, I’m not going to perform the experiment…so I’m willing to be lashed out at in the comments.  I welcome the dialogue. 🙂  One last slam on the shoe – I love that they start all of the claims with “the proper use of Shape-ups MAY…”

But to end on a good note, and not be a Negative Nancy today, take a look at the Vibram FiveFingers and join me in my quest to find the best minimalistic shoe on the market…or so I think, but I still have to try them on! 🙂


Today’s Menu:

Breakfast:  2 Primal Egg muffins that were made on Sunday with MY MUG of coffee (I felt bad for stealing Adam’s yesterday)

Lunch:  Leftover jalapeno burgers and side salad

Snack:  10 baby carrots

Dinner:  Medium salad with avocado slices and a small bowl of Transylvania Stockpot (from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook – prepared by Mean Jeanne).

Today’s “workouts”:

I was too sore to work out this morning from performing the Spartacus v2 workout yesterday (plus I usually only workout three days a week anyway) so I just took Riley for a 25 minute walk this morning before work (sans Shape-Ups , UH OH!!) and a 15 minute walk after work before heading over to Mom and Dad’s house for dinner and a movie with Dad and Chad. 🙂