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I apologize for the hiatus, but to be honest, instead of blogging all vacation (really just a weekend) I wanted to fill up all of my time with stories to blog about! 🙂  L.A. was extremely fun, and I was sad that the weekend went by so quickly, but I guess that means we had a great time!  In an effort to keep my posts shorter I’ll break up the weekend into Thursday night and Friday and a second post for Saturday and Sunday.  Here we gooooooo….

I started off vacation at the PERFECT time.  I got to the Indy airport with a little bit of time before my flight which was perfect since it was Opening Day, and the Cardinals game was on (did I plan that well or WHAT?)! 🙂  I parked myself at the bar at Harry & Izzy’s and enjoyed watching baseball again, even if we did end up losing (but I didn’t see that part since I was on the plane at that point…which is probably why they lost – they couldn’t feel my vibes anymore) AND the stupid Reds ended up winning…kind of a bad start to the season, eh?  I was pretty impressed with how classy Adam was though, he didn’t rub it in…I guess it is a long season, but let’s be honest, if the Cards would have won and the Reds would have lost, he never would have heard the end of it! 🙂  I guess that just shows who the “better half” in this relationship is!!  However, the following two pictures project a glimpse of “heaven” and a fantastic start to a vacation (I apologize that heaven is a little blurry in pictures, but I do what I can):

Anyway, when I arrived in L.A. Adam and Gerrin (an employee at the L.A. office) picked me up and we went to a fast-food mediterranean restaurant for dinner.  It was very good.  We had beef and chicken kebobs (which we shared) along with humus to dip the meat in.  It was pretty delicious.

Gerrin was nice enough to then take us ALL OVER the L.A. area.  It was such a good time, especially since it was around 70 degrees Thursday night.  We drove on Rodeo Drive (Adam wouldn’t let me out of the car though…), through Beverly Hills (Adam surprised me with the purchase of a mansion…we’re moving next month), down Hollywood Blvd (which is actually kind of ghetto looking), and through UCLA’s campus (which was honestly the best part I think).  It was great to have someone who a) knew where they were going, and b) knowledgable about the area to take us around.  Thank you very much to Gerrin for taking the time to show us around! 🙂  We appreciate it.  Another thing that was pretty cool was that there was a movie being filmed on Hollywood Blvd when we were taking the tour.  It’s cool that they just shut down a section of the road to make the movies that we go and see.  However, that would probably be annoying if you weren’t just a tourist and needed to go somewhere! 🙂

Friday made me so excited for summer time I was giddy like a school girl having her first crush.  While this may not be super exciting to read about, I spent the entire morning (until about 1pm or so) at the pool at the Westin Bonaventure (great hotel by the way) reading this month’s book club book (Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult)!  It was the second form of heaven that I experienced that weekend.  The only thing that was a little creepy about the whole situation was that the pool is in downtown L.A. so it’s surrounded by high rises…meaning that all of the working people can just look out.  I just felt sorry for their view (which was just me and some old guy). 🙂 HA!

After pool time, I met up with my Uncle Don who was in L.A. working.  He is working with the NY Deli Tommy Pastrami.  Let me just say, it’s delicious…but I’ll go into more detail on the next post.  I also got to meet my Uncle’s business partner, Steve, who is an amazing baker!  He was nice enough to let me “sample” (even though I ate the whole freaking thing) a slice of his homemade cheesecake and let me take a double fudge brownie with chocolate ganache back to the hotel room for Adam and I to share (it was hard to share)! 🙂  It was amazing…I clearly decided to put my quest for a 4-pack on hold.  After all, it’s vacation, right?!  It was great to spend the afternoon catching up and visiting with my Uncle, especially since we don’t get to see each other that often since he lives in Phoenix.

When Adam got off work, we hung out for a bit and then met my Uncle Don and Steve for dinner at the Yardhouse.  This place was pretty awesome.  They had over 100 beers on tap (so pretty much anything you could think of).  It was in a really cool area by the Staple Center as well (where the Lakers and the Clippers play).  After a day in the sun and visiting with Uncle Don we headed back to the room to call it a night since we wanted to get up relatively early for a day of sightseeing…