…To Be Continued…

We started off our Saturday morning by waking up at our leisure (which unfortunately was well before 8am since we were on Pacific time and we’re old geezers now…well, one of us is close 🙂 ) and having coffee while checking out what the weather would be like for the day.  We had planned to meet my Uncle Don at Tommy Pastrami for an early lunch and a visit before he left for home so we had some time to kill.  We decided to take a walk down to the Staple Center (L.A. Live area – outdoor mall) and what do you know they were having a kids football camp there and who do we see??  Pete Carroll!  While that is the closest we got to seeing a “celebrity” I thought it was pretty cool.  We tried to take a picture, but it didn’t turn out at all…bummer!  We ended up walking around downtown L.A. for about 2.5 – 3 hours just seeing all there was, including a bum that scared the living begeebies out of me because he decided to randomly scream EXTREMELY loud a bunch of nonsense right behind us.  We survived.

Once we met Uncle Don at Tommy’s we were given the red carpet treatment.  We were allowed to sample a large portion of the menu, and I will say this, NOTHING disappointed!  🙂  It was a great meal.  Thanks again Uncle Don (and Steve)!!

After our amazing meal, we were determined we had to walk it off, so we spent WAY too much time in the car going to Santa Monica to walk the pier and down 3rd Street Promenade.  To be 100% honest, we were disappointed with the pier as it was extremely commercialized and incredibly touristy.  Oh well…we moved on to 3rd Street Promenade.  I would describe this as an amazingly swanky mall that then extends several blocks with a wide variety of shops and restaurants.  It was a lot of fun!  Much better than the pier, and there were a good amount of street performers that entertained us for quite some time!

We, of course, had to be loyal (or you could call it bandwagon) Butler fans, so we found a Hooters and cheered hard for Butler even though the rest of the bar was cheering for VCU.  After the first game we went back to L.A. to catch the second game where the bar (Dublin’s) had the COOLEST beer on tap EVER!!!  Please read the beers below and see if you can realize which one I mean…think male dog! 🙂  Hahahahahahahaha…

Sunday was by far the best day of the weekend. 🙂  We asked Steve for a non-touristy beach that we could go to in order to get a different experience from Santa Monica, and he suggested Hermosa Beach.  He was right, it was amazing! 🙂  You can see the picture of the beach from my post on April 3rd, but it was beautiful, and while there was a slight crowd, it was NOTHING like Santa Monica.  I highly suggest checking out Hermosa Beach and/or Manhattan Beach if you make a trip out to L.A. any time soon!

We walked miles of the beach, ate the best, all-natural ice cream I’ve ever had (they even had Carmelized Bacon ice cream which actually wasn’t bad – they let you taste all the flavors you want!), had a great dinner with an amazing view, and spent a good deal of time on the beach (a little TOO much time if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing me Sunday night through Tuesday – I’m BRIGHT red!!).

Here is my amazing ice cream that I got to try (they let you have 4 flavors in one cup!!) – I had chocolate raspberry, wedding cake, chocolate hazelnut (which tasted like Nutella and completely brought me back to my study abroad days), and lemon (if you know me AT ALL you know this is my all time favorite dessert flavor).  Like I said – my quest for a 4-pack was temporarily put on hold – It’s Vacation!  However, I will say that they are very proud of the fact (and I would be too) that they do not use High Fructose Corn Syrup and do use only all natural ingredients (such as actual bacon, not bacon favoring).  It was delicious! 🙂

Here is the view we had from our dinner spot (we ate on the rooftop of Union Cattle).  It was absolutely gorgeous and my crappy cell phone pic doesn’t do it justice, but so you have an idea!  Adam and I split bacon wrapped filet medallions (blue cheese on the side since it’s yucky!) with two grilled jumbo shrimp…between the company, the food, and the view this was the third instance of “heaven” I had over the weekend! 🙂

After a long day in the sun, it was time for me to catch the red-eye back to Indy.  At least I had a direct flight…so half a Dramamine pill later I was home in Indy ready to get back to my quest…it was a nice break, but 4-pack HERE I COME!!!!  I will say that I did accomplish at least four of the ten “Primal Blueprint Laws” – 1) Play (on the beach), 2) Adequate Sleep, 3) Move Frequently at a Slow Pace (our hours of walking in downtown L.A. and along the beach), 4) Get Sun Sunlight (although I definitely over did it – so that may not count, and I may have actually broken the “Avoid Stupid Mistakes” law)…not too bad for “vacation”!!  To find out the rest of the Primal Blueprint Laws, check out www.marksdailyapple.com

Also – A SHOUT OUT – if you’re interested in an awesome blog (and to hear more about California due to his recent trip) check out Matt Pavia’s blog at mjpavia.wordpress.com!