Well, it’s back to the real world, but the break was nice! 🙂  Not much going on, but here are some recipes from last night’s dinner and today’s breakfast and lunch, plus yesterday’s workout routine.

Adam returned from L.A. last night, so I wanted to be sure he had a good, primal meal to eat.  While he got home while I was taking Riley for a walk it wasn’t waiting for him, but the fact that I made 2/3 of the meal HAD to count for something, right!?


Pork Chops with spice rub

Green beans sauteed with onions, mushrooms, and bacon

Sweet potato fries (with Adam’s special spices, all I know is that it includes cinnamon AND cayenne pepper – so I’m happy)

The pork chop rub was a new one that we tried, but it was awesome!  I bought fresh cilantro this week because I’m going to make a friend’s homemade salsa recipe for our trip to St. Louis this weekend – so I needed other recipes to use so that it didn’t go to waste.  The rub includes:

2 tablespoons coarsly chopped, fresh cilantro

1 tablespoon coarsly ground corriander seeds

1 tablespoon ground cumin

3 cloves of garlic

A couple twists of fresh, ground pepper

Then I pan fried the chops in pasture butter – they were awesome! 🙂  I should have taken a picture, but we were so hungry we just couldn’t wait!

For the green beans, I halfway cooked the bacon in the skillet first, and then cooked the chopped onions, sliced mushrooms, and green beans in the bacon fat (I had to add a little bit of butter because 2 slices of bacon still made the mixture a little dry) – I then added crushed red pepper, garlic powder, salt, and pepper – magnificent! 🙂

Adam prepared the sweet potato fries (a favorite in this house) by cutting the sweet potato into “fry-like” strips and stirring in all of the seasonings (like I said, I only know that cinnamon and cayenne is in there – the others we’ll need to talk to him about) with melted coconut oil to make the spices “stick.”

Breakfast this morning = my imaginative creation / Adam’s culinary skills 🙂

Bree – One egg omelet that includes sauteed onions (chopped) with butter, salt, and pepper, coursly chopped, fresh cilantro (like I said, have to use it up – and I think it’s my new favorite herb).  Then, to top it off, some salsa and a couple of slices of avocado!  See below…Adam had the same, but I think a three-egg omelet.

Lunch – my fourth idea of “heaven” – I don’t know when that will get old, but maybe it is for everyone else!  It was a kale and romaine salad including carrots, green pepper, black olives, cucumber, sesame seeds, pepper, turkey, bacon, and avocado slices.  I find that when a salad has avocado slices there is no need for dressing as the avocado provides the creaminess (or moisture) that a dressing would provide!!

The Workout:

This workout is from the Mark’s Daily Apple (see link to this site which is permanently available at the bottom of my homepage) eFitness Book, which is free for subscribers (which is still free, you just get weekly email updates).  It focuses on the “core” fitness movements, which are:  push-ups, pull-ups, squatting, and core exercises.  There are various stages of each exercise so that if you can’t complete the level I’m at (for instance pull-ups) then you start at a lower level.  However, if you’re more advanced than I am, there are a couple of tiers higher than the one I am at.  If they ever get too easy you can always add weights (or a weighted vest), or more reps.  Once you are able to complete 2 rounds at a certain level, you are ready to advance to the next.  I like it because it only takes about 20 minutes (including a 2 minute break between round 1 and 2) but it makes you feel it! 🙂  Here is the level that I’m at:

– 15 Decline push-ups (I really should move on to the next level, but that’s a REALLY hard one – so I’ve just up-ed my reps to 20 – no excuses, next week I’ll advance myself!)

– 25 (per leg) bulgarian squats – my bum is pretty sore from this one! 🙂

– 5 pull-ups / then the second round is 4 chin-ups

– 10 dive bomber push ups (I struggle with these)

– 90-seconds of up and down planks (it was determined I need to advance next week)

– 45-seconds (per side) of side plank up and downs (I’m SO close on this one…)

You do those exercises for two rounds, the only thing that changes on the second round are the pull-ups changing to chin-ups and one less rep.  I always go into this workout thinking it’s going to be “easy” and then it always kicks my butt.  However, I love it because it challenges you in a short period of time!

Go download the eFitness Book and see what level you’re at! 🙂