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As you all know, Adam and I took a trip to StL for the weekend to visit with Meaghan and Matthew (my cousins), Dan and Colleen (my Aunt and Uncle), and my Grandpa.  We knew we were going to have fun, but did we know it was going to be THIS much fun?!

Gotta love the crappy cell phone picks, but anyway, now you can say you’ve seen the arch! 🙂

We drove in on Friday night and met up at Matthew’s house.  We had a late dinner of tappas at Boogaloo’s (which I could not remember for the life of me and kept calling it Bugaboo’s all weekend! 🙂 ).  This was a pretty delicious dinner – especially since we had about 5 or 6 different fish options (a Friday during Lent).  I actually tried Ahi tuna for the first time…it was AMAZING!  I can’t believe I was “scared” of trying it before.  YUM!  I also had this obsession with margaritas this weekend.  I got a recipe for the “Nor Cal Margarita” and had about 5!!  It’s just 2 shots of tequila, juice of 1 lime, and club soda (we added some Triple Sec for flavor) but I thought they were delicious…Matthew, not so much! 🙂  I went through A LOT of limes…

After dinner we went back to Matthew’s house where we DEVOURED the Jalapeno Popper Dip from the previous post…it was glorious.  We did this while playing the game “Buzz Word.”  If any of you know Adam, you know he isn’t the biggest fan of playing games…well, you wouldn’t have known it Friday night!  He freaking dominated … Matthew and Adam DOMINATED (that’s an understatement) Meaghan and I at this game.  It was kind of embarressing…sorry you had to have me on your team, Meaghan!!

Saturday morning, Matthew and Meaghan were nice enough to let us use guest passes to their gym, THANKS again!!  Meaghan and I did a workout that I got from the Men’s Health magazine – there I go getting “beefy” arms again… We started with a 6-minute sprinting drill.  We jogged for 1 minute, sprinted for 30 seconds, jogged for 30 seconds, sprinted for 30, jogged for 30, sprinted for 1 minute, jogged for 1 minute, and finished hard sprinting another 30, and cooling down for 30 seconds.  Next, it was on to the strength training. 🙂  We completed three rounds of the following:

20 jump squats (killer!)

12 (the goal was to do 20, but I’m not strong enough) inverted rows (pulling your body weight to the bar)

20 (10 each leg) Mary Katherine’s (basically jumping lunges, again…KILLER)

a total of 30 plank high fives (Meaghan and I faced each other – while in the plank position we gave each other 10 low fives, 10 medium height high fives, and then 10 higher up high fives) – this got pretty tough.  If you don’t have another person though, I suggest either moutain climbers or plank-to-push ups!

It was a great workout.  Since Matthew and Adam weren’t finished working out when we were done, we decided to do some additional moves as well – pull-ups, push-ups, squat-to-presses, etc.  Needless to say, we were a little sore on Sunday! 🙂

After the great workout – it was time for some Imo’s pizza…what I’ve been longing for, let’s be honest!  Please see below – Grandpa was pretty freaking grateful for the pizza and definitely scarfed down half of a large black olive pizza.  Keep in mind that my Aunt Joanne was nice enough to bring him a taco from Taco Bell beforehand as well (she didn’t know we were bringing pizza), and then he asked Adam and I to get him some ice cream from the parlor in his nursing home.  He ate well on Saturday!  But who could blame him?  Don’t you worry, we also purchased two half-baked pizzas to take home!!

After a great visit with Grandpa (and going to 5 pm mass) Aunt Colleen and Uncle Dan came over for a fabulous evening of drinks, cooking out, and great company!  Matthew made this AMAZING Greek-style salad that had tomatoes, red onion, hearts of palm (I tried something new this weekend!!), olive oil, red wine vinegar, and basil (I think those were the ingredients of the dressing at least, but Matthew can comment if I’m wrong!).  It was great!  In addition to the salad, we had burgers with hot pepper cheese, baked red-skinned potatoes, the famous homemade guacamole, and grilled asparagus.  It was a great meal! 

We again decided to play Buzz Words, boys against girls.  While the boys still won…ugh…we at least held our ground this time.  I attribute the better score to Aunt Colleen! 🙂  SHOUT OUT!

I want to thank Meaghan, Matthew, Colleen, and Dan for their great hospitality over the weekend!  Adam and I truly appreciate it, and we had a great time!  Looking forward to see you guys again for the race weekend! 🙂