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Four words…”Holy $&*#…SORRY MOM!” 🙂

Well, that was indeed a grueling 15 minutes.  However, I LOVED IT!  While I continuously had to give myself mental pep talks to get through it, Riley was there helping me along the way.  I think it’s pretty comical that I always go into short workouts thinking it will be a piece of cake…and then always come out of them thinking I might die any second.  There is a reason they are short…because they’re intense!

I know I probably haven’t done a good job on convincing you all to try this workout.  However, if you’re EVER crunched for time, this is a phenomenal workout that takes only 15 minutes (that may or may not seem like 30 🙂 ) and I KNOW I will feel in the morning. 

Here are some images for you to see how much fun this workout truly was! 🙂 

Riley is just helping Mom along…

Riley was making me feel like I was being hunted…at least she was helping to motivate me! 🙂

Riley’s TOTAL DOMINATION…it’s embarressing! 🙂