This weekend was all about productivity and relaxation…may sound like you can’t accomplish both in one weekend, right?  Well, that’s where you’re wrong! 🙂  Friday started with a half day where I went to Lowes to gather all of the materials that we would need for our list of house projects that I had set to conquer over the next couple of weekends before the Indy 500.  Then, Mean Jeanne came over and we shared a bottle and a half of wine while making a Lemon Tart (this was a test run of the recipe to see if we liked it enough for our Easter dessert).  It was a lot of fun to just gossip, listen to music, share some good wine, and cook together! 🙂  Below is the link to the recipe for the Lemon Tart, if you’re interested in trying it for Easter.  It’s a great spring time dessert with the tart of the lemon and the sweetness of the honey!  Adam and I loved it, and I’m looking forward to making it again next weekend for our Easter treat! 🙂  The only modification I made to this recipe was instead of using sugar we chose Stevia (a no calorie sweetener straight from a plant).  Also, while this was an awesome dessert, we used salted pistachios and I still added the recommended salt to the recipe…a little too salty.  Next time, I am just going to leave out the salt and just use the salted pistachios and I think it will be perfect!  http://eatthecookie.wordpress.com/2011/04/02/1887/

Now, Adam and I are listening to the Cincinnati Reds game (I know, I know…but the Carindals are never on in Indy – unless they are playing the Reds) on the back porch while he’s having a Black and Tan and I’m enjoying a mimosa!  It’s honestly the PERFECT spring afternoon after a weekend full of manual edging, painting the basement ceiling, cleaning/fixing our grill that fell over in a massive wind storm, and detail cleaning the entire house…thus, we accomplished the seemingly inevitable by having a SUPER productive weekend while still enjoying the good life.

I’m just glad that we’re “on target” to accomplish everything on our “to-do list” of house projects before the race…let’s home this keeps up! 🙂