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I’m pretty excited about the menu for this week!  We planned it out last night and went grocery shopping for the week this morning and the amount of veggies that we had in our cart was astonishing, and quite frankly, EXCITING!!  I felt as though we were getting in a little bit of rut with our recipes.  While all of them were delicious and enjoyable, we were starting to repeat them a little too often simply because it was easy.  As such, we did some searching this week at our favorite primal/paleo blogs to branch out a bit.  We found so many great recipes that we actually have our line up for the following week almost completed.  Here is the line up for this week…

Breakfast for the week:  Swiss Chard Frittata with ground sausage

Tonight:  Red wine braised beef pot roast with Portobellos, rosemary, and cloves with a side of cauliflower mash

Monday:  Brats in “pickle buns” with sauerkraut and sweet potato fries or mash (we haven’t decided yet)

Tuesday:  Salmon cakes with broccoli

Wednesday:  Adam will be out of town so I’m HOPING that I get invited over to my parents’ house for dinner!!  Hint hint, MOM! 🙂

Thursday:  Thai beef lettuce wraps

Friday:  Stuffed zucchini cheeseburger boats with a side of green beans

Stay tuned each day for all of the recipes! 🙂

Also – I made the Lemon Tart again today for Easter and I really think that this one turned out better, probably because I knew what I was doing more this time.  Again, here is the link to the recipe:  http://eatthecookie.wordpress.com/2011/04/02/1887/.  We decided that we wanted a little bit of a thinner crust this time, so we made cookies with the extra dough and topped them with a single pistachio, and they were pretty delicious!  However, we thought they were a little dry without the curd, so we drizzled ours with a bit of honey before eating.  I would also suggest a cream cheese frosting, which would be amazing!!