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Just because it was my birthday doesn’t mean that I didn’t get off the hook for working out! 🙂  To be honest, I knew I was going to be indulging a little bit over the weekend so I wanted to get a tough 4th workout in for the week.  Plus, Saturday was the first day I was “allowed” to wear my Vibram’s (apparently a birthday present to myself).  While a good majority of my friends were running the Mini Marathon downtown I decided to scale it back a bit, but with a little intensity.  I strapped on a 20 lbs weighted vest, slipped on my Vibram’s, and went for a 2.5 mile run.  It was awesome.  I absolutely love my Vibram’s and it felt good to run again while adding strength to the mix as well.  I will say that I noticed a big difference while running with the Vibram’s.  My calves are STILL sore.  Although I don’t know if that’s more from the weighted vest or the shoes!  I did get A LOT of stares from people driving past me on the road.  Maybe they thought I had a bullet proof vest on?  Or they just thought I was insane…I’m going to go with that one! 🙂

Adam welcomed me back with a big ole birthday breakfast! 🙂  It was phenomenal.  While I will say this doesn’t really have a recipe, at least you can see a good picture!  He sauteed some of our leftover chile verde from Cinco de Mayo and put it in a one-egg omelet with cheese.  It was fantastic.  I also added several raspberries because they are awesome and they made the plate look prettier.

The rest of the day was ALMOST as good as a birthday can get.  I got a pedicure with my mom and Adam’s mom, we went out to lunch and had fries that were made in duck fat (no creepy oils…they were delicious), played our kickball game for the week, and went out to an amazing dinner with both sides of the family!  It was pretty good.  While I was proud of myself that I got on base twice and scored a run in kickball, we did have a pretty hideous loss (16-8…whoops!).  Oh well, at least it was a gorgeous day…finally…and we had fun losing.  Thanks for a great birthday everyone! 🙂

Next post…Mother’s Day Brunch recipes!