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As my original pizza post states, if you know me at all, you know that I LOVE pizza.  So, once again, to satisfy my insane pizza cravings, we had the Hybrid pizza crust found here:  http://stuffimakemyhusband.blogspot.com/2011/02/hybrid-pizza.html for dinner.  This time, I had a new idea for toppings.  Some background…I love Hawaiian pizzas.  But this one definitely takes the cake/”pie” – ha.  I was inspired by a new pizza restaurant that opened up by my office, Mackenzie River Pizza Company.  We made a HUGE ham Sunday night and still had pounds of leftovers even after hosting my parents and giving them generous amounts of leftovers.  So, what better way to use it up than with a Hawaiian pizza???

1 hybrid, cauliflower pizza crust (see link to recipe above)

1 1/2 cups marinara sauce (I can’t wait until it’s our homemade sauce…grow FASTER tomatoes!) – with NO sugar of course

4-8 oz shredded cheese (we only had the Colby jack in the house, but mozzarella would be best)

8 oz. cubed pineapple (drained of juice)

Roughly 3 generous slices of ham, chopped

2 pieces bacon, chopped

1/4 cup chopped red onion

1/3 cup sliced jalapenos

1/2 tbsp Italian Seasoning

Layer the sauce to your desired thickness, layer the shredded cheese to your desired thickness, and put all toppings on the pie.  Broil the pizza in the oven for approximately 5-8 minutes, or until cheese starts to bubble and turn golden brown.  This is such a great play on flavors!!  I highly recommend this pizza!!

Sorry for the crappy pic, but you get the idea.  Onto the Crossfit workout! 🙂

Had to kick my butt back in gear (even though that really started with Saturday’s workout)…so Adam and I decided to do the Crossfit workout from Sunday’s daily post.  It…was…tough!  But exhilarating!  I think Crossfit is going to become the norm for workouts now!  Here was the deal…this was for time:

20 calories on a rowing machine (I don’t have access to this, so I did 10 bent over rows)

30 burpees (ugh)

40 “ground to overhead” – I’m still weak, so I only had 15 lb dumbbells, but I was struggling during the last 10, so I’m GETTING better, promise

50 “toes to bar” – this is using the pull-up bar and using your core to bring your toes to the bar…just like it sounds. 🙂

60 walking lunges (you were supposed to do overhead weight lunges, but I didn’t read the directions clearly…sorry it was 5:30 on a Monday morning!!  So, I held my dumbbells to do the walking lunges, still hard after all those other exercises)

150 foot sprint

I finished in 19 minutes.  I didn’t think that was bad for all of those exercises!  Good start to the week, that’s for sure…and only 7 more work days until VACATION!! 🙂