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As promised, I’ve been keeping up with the Crossfit workouts.  So what if it’s only been my 3rd one. 🙂  This one was really hard.  But aren’t they all?  I even got blisters on my hands from this one.  I need to toughen up, for sure!  Here it is:

For time:

100 pull ups (I obviously had to go to assisted pull ups to get to 100, but it still worked me)

100 dumbbell swings

100 box jumps

100 overhead squats

I completed this workout in about 28-29 minutes (I forgot to stop my stopwatch…whoops!).  I was pretty happy with that considering I thought it was going to take me a good 45 minutes to 1 hour with that many pull ups.  I was so weak afterwards that I could barely reach/grab the coffee filters in the cabinet and washing my hair was definitely a chore. 🙂  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

That’s all for today…happy hump day! 🙂