Another gorgeous day in St. Helena county! Adam and I just had a private “basic wine tasting” course and learned a ton of valuable information! Today would have been Robert Mondavi’s 98th birthday and the winery is having a party in his memory! We are going to try to make it back for the party as Francis Ford Coppola will be here along with many other celebs, I’m sure. But we have another tour planned at Hall Winery, which was highly recommended by one of my dad’s good friends.

Also, the Ambrose Bierce B&B is amazing! We started breakfast with fresh strawberries and bananas with a creme fraiche sauce, then had chicken apple sausages an whole wheat, walnut waffles topped with peach confit. I don’t even have the words to say how good this one was! Plus we had mimosas!

I love vacation! Here is a pic of the Mondavi location!