Well, silly me actually thought that the 5+ miles of walking a day would keep me in shape even though I didn’t “workout” for the 10 days of vacation.  Especially since San Francisco has SO many steep hills we had to “climb” and we did the hike in the Napa Valley State Park.  Well, I was W-R-O-N-G! 🙂

Monday, I got back into the swing of things by doing sprints … they were tough, and I was surprised that I was so sore!  So, I knew that for my Wednesday workout I would have to focus on chest and back since my legs were disappointing me … 🙂

I decided to do the Tuesday Cross Fit workout which consisted of the following:

Perform as many rounds as you can within 20 minutes of:

– 7 Handstand push-ups

-12 L pull-ups (where you’re legs are at a 90 degree angle to your upper body performing the pull-up)

I got through 11 rounds, which I was disappointed with, considering I modified both of the moves.  However, it kicked my butt.  I can’t yet do handstand push-ups.  So, I put my feet up on the dresser forcing my butt up in the air to perform an equivalent (still hard…for me).  I also am not strong enough to do L pull-ups, so I did regular pull-ups, and by the second round I had to have them be assisted.  Oh well, I still could barely hold up my arm long enough to blow dry my hair this morning! 🙂

At least I know it will only take a short week or two to get back into shape!  I still know that vacation was worth it!! 🙂