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Surprise! 🙂  I’m pregnant!  And I’m already so in love with this baby it’s crazy!  Adam and I found out we were pregnant about 4 1/2 weeks ago.  I was late and decided to take that awesome test, and what do you know, it came back positive.

We had our first doctor’s appointment on Friday (our 8 week appointment) and during the ultrasound the technician asked us again how far along we thought we were.  That was our first clue.  Low and behold, we were actually 11 weeks 4 days (11w4d) preggers, which means that today I’m offically 12 weeks! 🙂  It was awesome and scary to find out all at the same time.  Awesome because that meant this crazy nausea would soon subside, and scary because we just lost 4 weeks of planning and prep time!!  If you know me, I like to plan, so that was a little hard to get over.  But we did so quickly as soon as we saw our beautiful baby squirming around on the large monitor in front of us!  I actually had my 12 week appointment today and the doctor said everything looks great and seems normal, so we’ll be going back on October 12th for our 17 week appointment. 🙂

Just so you all are aware, it’s tradition in my family to nickname the baby so you don’t always have to say “the baby.”  Adam and I decided that if it was a boy the nickname would be Batman as we both had a huge love for Batman growing up, and if it was a girl it would be Riley 2, as that was the name I wanted to give my first daughter, but it just so happened to go to the puppy instead. 🙂  As such, we’re going to be calling Baby Katulak Batman until we know the sex for sure.

Seeing Batman move around on the screen truly seemed like a miracle.  It really made the whole situation feel real since you can’t feel them moving around inside of you yet.  He was definitely a show off too.  One of our pictures even shows him flexing his bicep, just like his dad!  Even though it’s obviously too early to tell for sure, since we got so many different pictures, the technician thinks it’s a boy.  So, we’ll see for our November appointment (when I’ll be 20+ weeks) if that prediction is true. 🙂  Hence the reason why we’re going with Batman for now!

Now I can release the truth, while I do care about nutrition, I really created this blog to keep everyone updated with the pregnancy (didn’t know when it would happen, but now that it has…YAY!).  I plan on doing weekly (or twice weekly) posts and include belly shots so you can watch me grow! 🙂  I will say that according to BabyCenter.com, Batman is the size of lime!  Which makes me feel better, because it’s getting REALLY tough to button those jeans!  So, hopefully you’ll all enjoy the journey along with Adam and I – the newest and most proud parents-to-be there are! 🙂

So, here’s our first picture of Batman, and my first profile picture.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if it’s really a baby bump or if I’m just fat…but I’ll go with bump! 🙂