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Well, this has been a busy week, but fun! 🙂  I love that my nausea has completely gone away and I honestly feel like myself again…except for the pregnancy break-out that I am having! 😦  I feel like I’m in high school again with the zits…which is annoying.  But oh well, incredibly worth it! 

I also broke down and purchased maternity clothes (mainly pants) this week.  While I could definitely still get away wearing my normal pants and rubberbanding the button together I just realized that I was getting incredibly uncomfortable whenever I had to sit for long periods of time when I wasn’t in sweat pants.  So, I just decided that I would MUCH rather be comfortable than worry about wearing maternity clothes. 🙂  I am honestly thinking that these pants were the smartest purchase of my life.  We all should ALWAYS wear maternity pants.  I just keep thinking back to the Friends episode where Joey wore Phoebe’s maternity pants for Thanksgiving dinner, but seriously, they’re awesome. 🙂  Adam thinks they look hilarious though and can’t get over the “belly panel.”

Anyway, here is my belated 13-week photo (I took it on Monday, so I’ve just been lazy about posting it).  Can’t wait to show you guys my 14-week photo because Adam and I have decided that I definitely have the small beginnings of a “baby bump!”