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It’s the first day of the second trimester, and I definitely have myself a little belly.  I felt like when I woke up on Friday, it was just there.  Weird.  But it’s starting to feel a little bit more real!

I feel great though, and I’m glad to have the first trimester behind me. 🙂  I’ve briefly started researching items to register for, which has been fun, but a little overwhelming.  Obviously we can’t register for too much since we don’t know the sex of the baby yet, but there are definitely some things we can get started with.

Batman got to go on his first apple picking trip! 🙂  Adam, Batman, and I went to Stuckey Farms on Saturday to pick apples and get a couple of pumpkins!  It was kind of funny that we were the only couple that was there without kids.  Oh well, we totally had a blast anyway.

Plus, to top off a perfect start to a fall weekend, Adam made a huge batch of chili! 🙂  It was fantastic.  Ok, no more delay.  Here is the 14-week profile pic!  If you can’t see the belly yet, I think you may be blind! 😉