Well, little Batman is QUITE the world traveler! 🙂  He’s been to Italy and now he’s gone to Denver!  We had such an amazing long weekend, so thank you very much to Denise and John for showing us some amazing hospitality!  On Friday, Denise took us to Rocky Mountain National Park, which was breathtaking.  We were pleasantly surprised to be able to get pretty high up since the roads weren’t closed and we got to see the “tundra” where the trees no longer grow.  It was pretty awesome.  Plus, we got to see two herds of elk, which was really cool since I’ve never seen one before! 🙂  Too bad I’m a huge nerd and afraid of heights (or just falling) so I wasn’t as adventurous as Adam, but I still got to see some amazing views.  Plus, the chipmunks LOVED me.  At one point, I seriously thought one was going to hop in my hand and go home with us! 🙂

Saturday, the four of us went to Colorado Springs and John found an AMAZING lunch place called OPB&J.  The “O” stands for organic.  They have the craziest (but tastiest) combinations for PB&J sandwiches.  Adam and I both had one with cinnamon PB, strawberry preserves, fresh-cut strawberries, and nuts.  It was awesome.  Then, we went to Seven Falls and climbed what felt like 1 million steps at a steep incline, but it was completely worth it.  The view was gorgeous and the 20-minute hiking trail we took was pretty awesome.  I kept thinking that I was hearing a rattle snake, but don’t worry, it was just a mountain squirrel! 🙂  Ha, who knew they could make THOSE kind of noises?!

After Seven Falls, we went to see the Garden of the Gods, which was by far my favorite part of the trip.  We watched a lot of people rock climb.  Some people can make it look SO easy, while others cannot…which is how I would be.  It was pretty awesome to watch John and Adam climb a portion of a rock just because they could.  They’re such tough guys!

Overall, it was a fantastic long weekend, and we really appreciate the hospitality that was shown to us! 🙂  We could seriously handle living in Denver, we’re just hoping we win the lottery so we can do so without having to find jobs!!  If only we played…

Anyway, I’m officially 18 weeks today and feeling great! 🙂  The only tough thing is that my lower back is starting to get sore, but I have a feeling that’s because my lovely milk machines are growing… 🙂  TMI????  Sorry!  But it’s a fact.  I have noticed that my appetite is starting to increase, but I’m TRYING to watch what I eat.  It’s difficult, but I’m trying.  I absolutely felt Batman move on Thursday as I was driving to my hair cut.  It was the craziest feeling ever.  I loved it! 🙂  I just haven’t really felt movement since, which is a bummer.  However, everything I’ve read says it’s normal not to feel anything until 20-22 weeks, so I’m not worried.  Now I’m just starting to get anxious for our 20 week ultrasound. 🙂

Adam and I had the day off on Thursday before we flew out to Denver, so we took the time to pick up our crib and mattress!  How exciting.  Things are really starting to come together, which I love! 🙂  This past Sunday, Adam and I both agreed that my stomach DEFINITELY popped out further.  It’s kind of weird that on certain days we just wake up and notice it more…weird.  Anyway, here is my 18 week photo.  Look at that big ol’ belly! 🙂