We’re moving right along at 19 weeks!  However, I still haven’t really been feeling Batman move.  I think I’m just anxious, but I’m sure the time will come soon enough! 🙂

I have officially started pulling out the maternity shirts though!  Which is kind of exciting, but I really need to get more, since I only have 4 right now.  Haha.  I don’t think that will get me through the remaining 4+ months! 🙂

The time has definitely come where I have a baby bump.  People in the hallways at work have stopped doing a double take at my stomach and started looking and just smiling. 🙂  Although, I must say it was quite hilarious to have people doing double takes.  Especially because I don’t think they noticed how obvious it was. 

In one week from today we’ll find out if Batman is a boy or a girl, and I am SO excited. 🙂  I can’t wait to find out.  I just hope Batman is in the right position to see!!  We’re planning to paint a portion of the baby’s room this weekend!! 🙂  We’re having a chair rail put in, and the top portion will be an off-white color.  Once we know if Batman’s a boy or girl we’ll paint the bottom portion of the room.  Also, when I say we’re painting the baby’s room, I mean Adam will be painting.  But I”ll help with the taping for sure! 🙂  Thanks, Adam, for taking one for the team! 🙂

Also – happy news on picking out the baby gear!  We have the crib and mattress, we’re having the dresser delivered on Tuesday, and I have picked out the car seat, stoller frame, and glider that we want!  Next we’re going to pick out the baby monitor…should be a good weekend research project!  After that, I feel like we just have the easier items to pick out.  Easy, being a relative term that is having never done this. 🙂

Here is my 19-week picture!  I’ll definitely blog as soon as we find out if Batman’s a boy or girl!