Yep!  That’s right.  It’s a BatGIRL, not batman! 🙂  Adam and I are having a baby girl! 🙂  I’ve already noticed (in only the 6 hours that we’ve known) that Adam is becoming a protective Daddy! 🙂  It’s cute.

The ultrasound went as well as any new parents could hope for!  Batgirl’s stomach was full of amniotic fluid, which shows she is swallowing properly, her bladder was working as it should, and she didn’t have any signs of having Downs Syndrome.  Her ribs were out towards her chest (not too short), her spine was closed at the end (a good sign), the placenta was in the appropriate place, and the umbilical cord looked good!  Plus, the fingers and toes added up to the right amount!  That made me happy since I had a dream that baby girl had 8 toes on one foot!  Yikes!  We would love her anyway though! 🙂

Anyway, now we know that Adam can paint the bottom portion of the room green (that’s the color we decided on for a girl since I’m not incredibly fond of pink and purple)!  Lucky him! 🙂  Don’t worry, I’ll rake the yard while you do that! 🙂  My contribution.

Riley is excited to be a big sister (she’s a good puppy).  She’s anxiously awaiting the arrival of Batgirl.  Now we just need to start narrowing down our names, but clearly we have time for that as well.

So excited for the day we get to welcome our healthy baby girl into the world! 🙂