There isn’t really too much to report except that I’ve been feeling Batgirl move a lot more frequently now, which is extremely exciting and makes everything feel so much more real! 🙂  I haven’t been able to notice a pattern to the movements yet, but I’m trying.  The ultrasound tech said that she’s getting stronger over the next couple of weeks so I’m probably only feeling the big kicks and punches, but I’ll start noticing patterns very soon.

A friend was incredibly nice and let me borrow her pregnancy pillow and maternity tops for the rest of my pregnancy, which is AMAZING! 🙂  Thank you so much!  Honestly, last night was one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a couple of weeks, so that pillow and I are going to be best friends! 🙂  Plus, having more than 4 maternity shirts is quite nice since I won’t have to try to supplement my wardrobe with kind of long shirts from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe that don’t really work anyway! 😉

Adam finished painting the bottom portion of our daughter’s room a bright green, which I absolutely love.  He did an amazing job.  The chair rail is being installed today, and we’re planning to put together the crib and bring the dresser upstairs this weekend.  The nursery is really starting to come together, which is fun, because it’s making everything seem more real as well.  I’ve decided that we’re going to decorate the room with pink accents so that we have a pink and green themed room.  I love those colors together, so I thought that would be fun.  I’ve found some incredibly cute pink Whinnie the Pooh items that will go perfectly in the nursery.

As we speak, she’s either waking up, or punching me because she doesn’t like the color scheme I’ve picked out for her room! 😉  My belly is DEFINITELY continuing to grow.  But that makes sense since she was approximately 13 ounces on Wednesday at the doctor (which seems so long ago…) so she’s probably getting close to 1 pound now!