Well, I feel like there isn’t much to update everyone on.  We have the dresser, and we had a very nice gift of the glider and ottoman we wanted, so the nursery is really coming along.  Adam and I plan to put up the Whinnie the Pooh wall stickers this weekend.  Hopefully everything turns out well! 🙂

I’ll keep this one short, because other than that, the only update I have is that pretty soon I think I’m going to need Adam to put my shoes on for me! 🙂  The big ole belly is starting to get in the way!  I guess there is another update…I set up an appointment to meet with a pediatrician, so hopefully we like her and don’t have to interview too many more, especially since she is REALLY close to our house and the hospital where we will be delivering! 🙂

Here’s the week 23 pic….FREEEEEEE WILLIE!!!!!!  It’s hard to believe I’ve only gained 12 pounds…seriously, no joke!