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I can’t believe I’m in my last week of my 2nd trimester! 🙂  This whole pregnancy thing is going pretty fast if you ask me!  Our Christmas was fantastic! 🙂  We were home on Christmas Day for the first time (for me at least) in about 14 years, and it was amazing!  We celebrated with Adam’s family a weekend before, and we celebrated with my side of the family in Evansville, IN on Christmas Eve and came back to Indy for Christmas Day…so great to sleep in your own bed on the holidays!  Thank you to everyone for such a great Christmas.  It’s weird to think that next year we’ll have the excitement of our baby girl’s first Christmas!  While we won’t have the utter excitement of Christmas from her yet, we’ll start building our own family traditions, which is what I’m most excited about!  I can’t wait to start our own family traditions by mixing the traditions that Adam and I loved most from our own childhoods! 🙂  One tradition we have officially started this year is to read her Christmas stories in the morning and before bed.  We have read her “Santa Mouse”, “Snow White’s Christmas”, and “The Spirit of Christmas.”  I’m sure this is just the timing of when we chose to read the stories to her, but she started kicking like crazy whenever Adam or I started reading the stories.  It’s so amazing, I love her so much already.  Another tradition we started was watching Garfield’s Christmas, which is one of our favorites.  I hope we can keep these traditions up as well as start many more of our own!

We got so many fun things for baby, but still fun for us as well.  I loved playing board games as a kid (and still do, let’s be honest).  I was able to increase our inventory a bit this Christmas by getting Candyland, Trouble, and Sorry!  They’re great, and I was sure to play all three of them over the past two days (although I will say I remember Candyland being much more fun as a kid than it is now). 🙂  I also got The Lion King and Whinnie the Pooh on Blu-Ray, super pumped!  At least we can start building up our own personal Disney vault over the next 10 years since they’re only released every so many years or whatever their crazy rules are to keep sales high!

As for the pregnancy, I’m still doing great, and knock on wood, this will continue.  While I definitely have been splurging lately, tomorrow I’m 100% back on the primal track.  This is for many reasons, mainly my health and the health of this beautiful baby girl, but also because my glucose test is scheduled for January 5th, and I DO NOT want to have gestational diabetes…AT ALL.  We’ll see how it goes.  Nothing really to report on the pregnancy.  Adam and I just plan to continue practicing my breathing and our birth plan so that it comes as second nature to us when the big day comes.  I know no matter how much we practice/prepare nothing will truly make me/us ready for this event.  But it can’t hurt, right? 🙂

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and is looking forward to one fantastic new year! 🙂  Here is the picture at 27 weeks!