Wow!  31 weeks!  Only 9 more weeks to go.  Bat Girl is approximately 3.3 pounds and about 16 inches long!  This completely explains why I seem to feel her EVERYWHERE!  I feel like her movements don’t necessarily feel like kicks anymore, but more like she’s moving her hand (or some other part) along my belly.  I’ve also noticed that she’s definitely making sure I have better posture!  When I slouch at work I am made very aware of what I’m doing since I feel like she’s pushing into my lungs and I can hardly breathe when I do it!  Oh well, it’s all worth it to know she’s growing to be big and strong. 🙂

This weekend brought on another amazing shower!  Thank you SO much to my friend Kara for hosting one awesome party!  Not only did she have an incredibly cute saying printed out by the food that was from Bat Girl to all of the guests, but we played one of the most fun games ever!  It was baby product Price is Right.  Kara had purchased various baby products (diaper rash cream, wipes, shampoo, etc.) and read the product descriptions (watch out Drew Carey!) and gave a price.  I then had to guess if the actual retail price was higher or lower than the amount she gave.  Luckily I was able to have the people in the room help me out, or else I would have missed a couple!  But, for every one I guessed right, I got to keep the baby product.  It was cute and very entertaining! 🙂

Kara also had an awesome spread.  There was punch, chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, cheese and crackers, and brownies mixed with cookie dough – delicious!  Thank you to everyone who came to the shower and for all of the adorable gifts that we received.  I’m so excited about each and every one of them.

Thank you so much to my friend Denise for making the trip out from Colorado!  Although the crazy Indiana weather made her miss the actual shower because of flight mishaps, we had a super fun weekend of catching up and relaxing! 🙂  We ate, watched movies and football, and got pedicures – could you really ask for a better weekend than that?!  I don’t think so!  Plus, Denise got us some fun outfits for Bat Girl – she’s building up her sports collection!  We received a lot of Bengals gear, a St. Louis Cardinals outfit (that WILL be worn on opening day, assuming she’s arrived already), and a Miami University onesie!  I was super excited about all of these items considering these are necessities for her wardrobe. 🙂

Thank you all so much to everyone for all of the gifts!  Bat Girl (and mommy and daddy) appreciate them all greatly!  I can’t believe that time is going by so quickly!  Shower month is almost over, which is really sad.  But I’m excited to get everything in order and ready for her arrival! 🙂

Here I am at 31 weeks!