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Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂  I came home to beautiful lillies from my hubby!  He’s also making me filets in a red wine reduction sauce with asparagus and roasted potatoes (I made the potatoes though). 🙂  YUM!  Also – yesterday, we totally had the BEST burgers we’ve ever had! I’ll have to post the recipe sometime but they basically were burgers that had an herb butter in the middle so when you cooked the burgers the butter melted and went all throughout the meat.  They were amazing! 🙂

Another funny moment from today was when I was cleaning the master bathroom and Adam was downstairs calling Riley (the puppy) to go for a walk, but Riley apparently wasn’t coming, which is weird because when she hears the word “walk” you would think she won a lifetime supply of bones or something she gets so excited.  I heard Adam looking all over for Riley, and I got confused because I didn’t think she was upstairs, but then I heard a whimper and sure enough she was “trapped” in the guest bathroom.  I guess you had to be there, but it was pretty funny because when I opened the door she looked pretty spooked…poor thing! 🙂

As for the pregnancy, I keep getting bigger, so that has to be a good sign! 🙂  She is definitely getting stronger!  One of her kicks this morning was actually kind of painful, which was the first time I ever thought one hurt.  Luckily there has only been one of those so far.  But I can definitely tell when she’s stretching out as her feet are in my ribs/lungs.  But things are going very well, and we’re getting very excited to meet her!

If anyone has ideas on good meals to freeze, we would love the input!  I think we’re going to make a huge batch of chili this weekend to freeze.

Here’s my 34 week belly photo!