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WOW!  Only 5 more weeks to go! 🙂  That’s only 1 hand worth of counting down left to do, which is pretty awesome in my opinion.  Adam and I are getting so incredibly excited to meet Bat Girl that it’s crazy!  Plus, I think the uncomfortable-ness has set in, which is unfortunate.  However, I’ve been SO incredibly lucky thus far that I can’t complain.  And, I still don’t get the heartburn that people tell me I should be having, so I’m very grateful for that!!

Adam and I made another batch of meals that we froze for after Baby Girl is born – chili! 🙂  I love Adam’s chili, the recipe is awesome and it will be a welcomed meal to easily heat up when we’re tired and hungry.  I feel as though we really have things in line.  Next weekend we’re going to pack the bag for the hospital since it really could happen at any point from here on out (which is CRAZY to think about!).  Then, make another meal to freeze (kickin’ chicken with broccoli instead of pasta).

We’ve been enjoying lazy weekends the past two weekends, which has been REALLY nice.  We thought we should take advantage while we can, because we’re probably not going to get them for too much longer! 😉  We tried two new restaurants this weekend, which both turned out to be great, and watched the whole first season of Breaking Bad (ok, let’s not freak out here, there are only 7 episodes in the first season). 🙂  That show is awesome, for anyone who hasn’t seen it. 🙂

Adam caught me rocking out when I came home to “Murder on the Dancefloor” – this is a techno-ish song, so again, let’s not freak out by the title. 🙂 So I have two pictures for the 35 week post!  Enjoy!  Again – if anyone has any good freeze-able recipes that we can make, we’re all ears! 🙂