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I was hanging out with my friend Rachel this weekend and she came up with a great idea for a challenge this summer.  This challenge really started with a discussion of how fast we thought we could run one mile.  She just completed the Mini Marathon in Indy this past weekend with a new PR (so proud of you!) and that’s how the conversation started.  I was seriously hoping that I would eventually be able to run under a 7 minute mile, knowing that I’m SERIOUSLY not close to that now since I’ve only ran distance runs twice and have only completed 4 sprinting sessions since I’ve had Addison.  So, what I’ve planned to do is complete my first attempt at my fastest mile then over the summer continue my weight training and sprinting workouts and see what kind of improvement I see at the end!

Let’s just say, after this first preliminary mile, I have high hopes for where I can end up!  My brother went with me to the track to both watch Addison and be my official time keeper, and here are the results:  an 8:02:09 mile! 🙂

Now my goal is to get to a 7 minute mile by the end of the summer!  Adam said he might do this challenge with me, so hopefully he does!

The second challenge that Adam and I have decided to do is to see who can get down to their goal weight the fastest.  When we decided to do this (before my birthday weekend) we each only had 10 pounds to go.  However, after my birthday weekend, I have 12 pounds to go…So, we’ll see who can get their fastest. 🙂  Maybe I can start doing pull-ups with Addison in her wrap/carrier! 😉

We all know I do better when I have competition, so I think this will be a great summer!