About Bree

I’m a newly primal woman that is trying to make the right choices for not only me, but my husband, dog (yes, she’s awesome), and future family for ultimate gene expression.  I am extremely excited about my new”er” lifestyle and want to share my “secrets” to success with the world.  I plan to post my updated workouts and modified recipes with all that care to know.  Hopefully we can all gain more knowledge and strength along the way.  Whether a workout is doing a push-up for every point your favorite football team scores, or using a deck of cards to make things more unpredictable and fun, I’m here to share my experiences and welcome feedback wherever people see fit. 🙂


4 thoughts on “About Bree”

  1. Jeanne Russell said:

    Great job! I’m happy that you have shared so many recipes with us. Dad and I are enjoying a healthier lifestyle as well!

  2. Jeanne Russell said:

    Your blog always leaves me hungry and to try your recipes!

  3. Another fellow Primal Bree? How awesome! I look forward to reading more of your posts! Where are you located? Or did I miss that somewhere?

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